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        Christmas Shopping with RPM

        Christmas Shopping with RPM

        RPM has a bumper list of products for petrolheads this Christmas with two new DVDs and a book out in time for the festive season.

        Keep The Revs Up

        Keep the Revs Up! (Book)
        Plum’s Petrolhead Ponderings
        £14.99p + p&p.

        Keep the Revs Up! Is Alan (Plum) Tyndall’s light-hearted look at a lifetime in motorsport and the characters that he has met along the way. Plum was the television voice of Irish motorsport for more than a quarter of a century, but did you know that:

        He is the son of a Bishop? – Sold cushions at Wimbledon? – Survived a major train disaster? – Was the Irish Salooncar racing Champion? – Lived in ‘The Slum on the Hill’? – Went behind the lines in the troubles? – Was a Grand Prix commentator? – Mingled with the motoring mighty? – Escaped death in the Dubai desert? – And was a Rumoligist in Barbados?

        Find out more about the RPM man and the characters he cohorted with in Keep the Revs Up! Revs standing for those roaring rally and racing engines that he so revered and for the reverend gentlemen he was reared amongst.


        Billy Coleman Deja Vu

        Billy Coleman Déjà Vu (DVD)
        A legendary driver is reunited with a legendary car
        £16.99p + p&p

        Déjà Vu Motorsport, the rally reunion people, recreated memories of the Rothmans Rally Team (1985 – ’86) at their Killarney Déjà Vu 2017 event by bringing together the legendry Billy Coleman, his co-driver Ronan Morgan and a Porsche 911RS.

        With two on-board cameras rolling they piggy-backed on their memories and RPM has combined Vantage Point’s footage, Ronan Morgan and John Mulholland’s words and its own archive, to produce this very personal DVD.

        Smile as Billy and Ronan drive again over the Molls Gap, Healey Pass, and Cods Head stages in this iconic car and enjoy flashbacks to Billy’s Ford Escort, Lancia Stratos, Opel Manta, BMW M3 and Metro 6R4 glory days.


        Lovell's Second

        Tarmac 1988 (DVD)
        Lovell’s Second
        £16.99p + p&p

        Ireland was Sierra Cosworth country in 1988 when Mark Lovell celebrated his second successive Irish Tarmac Championship win having glided his Ford backed car to victories in Galway, Donegal, on the Isle of Man, and in Cork.

        Jimmy McRae’s and Austin MacHale were the only other winners, however James Cullen’s consistency got him the runner-up spot in the series.

        Tarmac 1988 fills a gap in RPM’s Tarmac Review Series which now extends from 1986 to 2012.

        All products can be purchased online at: www.xingjie2.com

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