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      1. Tel: +44 (0)2892 689 258
        Email: info@rpm-motorsport.com

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        The RPM team

        About RPM Motorsport

        Tyndall Productions Limited

        Tyndall Productions Limited, (the parent company of RPM Motorsport), was founded by Alan ‘Plum’ Tyndall and his wife Lynn in 1984. It initially traded as a Public Relations Company but with Alan’s extensive experience as a motorsport commentator, writer, and competitor, they branched out into independent television production in 1988, specialising in all forms of Irish motorsport.

        Alan has been a former Press Officer for the Belfast City Council, the Sports Council of Northern Ireland, and a Director of a Dublin based PR Company, Holden Communications.?
        By 1991 the company had become exclusively television orientated when the RPM MOTORSPORTS was created.?

        The Team

        Alan 'Plum' Tyndall

        Alan 'Plum' Tyndall has been a television broadcaster and journalist for over thirty-five years. He is a former Grand Prix Commentator, Saloon Car Racing Champion and he has had four books published on motoring subjects.

        Lynn Tyndall

        Lynn Tyndall, is a founder partner in Tyndall Productions Ltd. She is in charge of accounts, credit control, personnel, and logistics.